HR in focus

“HR in focus” is a catalogue that includes structured information about products/services associated with the daily work of HR profssionals. In the catalogue you can easily find providers of products/services that you need.

For users: The catalogue is open for BAPM members. If you want to gain access to the catalogue, the only thing you need to do is to register and create an account. This will guarantee your access to the accounts of all the providers and their services included in the catalogue

For providers: If you want to present your products/services in the catalogue please make sure that you have read the "Terms for providers" before you make your registration.
Except for including products/services in the different categories of the catalogue, you can make your company more visible by placing a webbanner on the home page of “HR in focus”.

  • Banner 300х250 px
  • The banner is visible on the home page and on the page that shows the resulst of concrete searches
  • Maximum size: 300 kb
  • Fee per month - 100 lv. /VAT incl./

  • If you are interested in placing a webbanner on the pages of the catalogue, please contact us.

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